In the eyes of both architects and clients, narrow plots are becoming increasingly valued. In these days of ever-increasing urbanisation, every available piece of land should be utilised to its full potential. Challenges of designing a house on a narrow plot in India has its advantages and disadvantages, but we believe that it is a wonderful challenge for everyone.

Therefore, we the members of AKJ Contractors, one of the best Architecture Designing Company in Patna, have brought in front you some challenges of designing a house on a narrow plot in India that you might have faced or you might face in future.

Moreover, worry not!! We will provide you some house design ideas Patnadesigning remedies for the same, some tips and tricks to follow before finalising anything.

Challenges of Designing a House on a Narrow Plot in India

Narrow plots are usually found near the city’s core, in an already dense and historic urban fabric. In India, plots that are quite narrow in shape and have very small proportions on the front side of the plot, which usually abuts the road, are highly frequent. On two or even all three sides, it frequently shares a same plot boundary line with its neighbouring plots.

This makes it very important to design a house since there is no setback space left for a walk around the building in the event of a fire, which means there will be no space for windows or openings on the sides of the house, which are necessary for light and ventilation of the rooms.

However, in many cases, due to narrow plot size, the shape of the plot might be irregular or in different shapes which is not a good sign, as per the rules of Vastu. For example, negative energies are related with triangle plots or plots with three corners, which bring a slew of issues. Circular or other irregularly shaped plots will constantly create mental turmoil and prevent residents from living in peace.

Therefore, there might be many such challenges of designing a house on a narrow plot in India. But, designers and architects in AKJ Contractors, can provide you with some excellent arch design in Patna.

So, let’s dive right into some necessary considerations to take while designing in a narrow plot. You can also look online by searching on search engines for www architecture designfor different plot design ideas.

Design Considerations When Designing in a Narrow Plot in India

Every house built on a tight plot will have its own unique response to its own location, which will frequently result in an inventive approach and new definitions of how we interact with built space.

Here is some advice that you should keep in mind throughout the entire process of creating your home. They are all equally significant.

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  • Because light and ventilation go hand in hand, split levels for different floors in the house are required to allow the central terrace skylight opening to function for the majority of the internal rooms.


  • A courtyard does not have to be in the centre of the home to work well, and it may be planned to be in the corners and yet function well and offer adequate light and ventilation inside.


  • Because an interior staircase is so important for connecting multiple floors of a home, it should be as simple in design and size as feasible to maximise horizontal floor space.


  • Because the front façade is the most essential section of the plot and has the greatest amount of wall surface area, it can be planned in such a manner that it can be split down into a greater number of surfaces, allowing for more openings.


  • These openings can be windows, fixed glass, or ventilators, but they all serve the same purpose of providing adequate light and ventilation throughout the house.


  • A huge area is rarely filled with a lot more furniture, antiquities, and artwork on the wall, so on a little plot, the necessities take over and make it much easier and more comfortable for the family to use and maintain the space.

Nevertheless, for more ideas on for different interior or exterior looking aesthetics, you can look for Indian interior design magazinesand get ideas. Your ideas will definitely be transformed into reality by none other than our excellent Interior Designing Company in Patna, AKJ Contractors.

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