Architecture is develop only to meet the needs of a single person or a group of people. Architects are prohibit by law from imitating their fellow artists by creating works for which there is no or only a potential market. As a result, architectural styles are influence by social structures, and architecture design course can be class according to the patron’s function in the community.

One such classification is Domestic/Residential Architecture. The Ideas for residential architectureis created for the social unit: the person, family, or clan, as well as their human and animal dependents. It provides shelter and protection for life’s most fundamental bodily processes, as well as commercial, industrial, and agricultural operations involving the family unit rather than the society.

Basic residential architecture ideas necessities are straightforward: a place to sleep, prepare food, eat, and possibly work; a light-filled space that is shield from the elements. All that is require is a single room with solid walls and roof, a door, a window, and a hearth; everything more is consider a luxury.

However, still, there are still some fields that are left to look into. Therefore, let’s look into the blog for more such Ideas for residential architecture.

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ArchitectureIdeas: Architectural Concepts for Residential Design


Residential Architecture Design

There are numerous approaches to developing a notion. However, in order to be tailor to your project, these stated ideas for residential architecture must be bring back to your own thought processes, interpretations, and analysis in order to develop a relevant approach.

  • Typography- Many various conceptual approaches can be develop using the typography of your site, such as the environment the building provides (shelter/exposure), its structural approach, how it is seen (public/private), and how it leverages its context (views/features).


  • Form and Volume– You could choose to start with a simple form and volume research, where you can experiment with positive and negative space manipulation.


  • Accommodations- Taking the design brief’s stipulated accommodation and mapping it out to depict individual squares and rectangles to the required floor areas can assist in the development and visualization of the spaces that should be connected, separated, or close to one another.


  • Light- Light maybe use to shape, form, and define places in a variety of ways. Your site’s size, position, and shape will all play a role in determining how it can assist conceptually.

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Indian House Architecture Design


Architectural Concepts for Residential Design

India’s diverse cultures, traditions, languages, kings, and religions have a lengthy history. As a result, a diverse range of architectural ideas of residential architecture, influences, and styles (many of which are centuries old) have emerged from various sections of the country.

  • Courtyards for interior spaces
  • Pitched roofs with verandahs
  • Pictorial motif references
  • Richly carved wooden furniture
  • Intricate jaali patterns
  • Sculptures with context
  • Jhoolas, the comfort swings

Nevertheless, here are some tips you should keep in mind while approaching architectural designs for houses.

Architectural Designs for Houses


Whether or whether your custom-built home will finally satisfy your goals is typically determined during the planning stage. Here are some pointers to assist your designer in creating the ideal custom house plan for your family.

  • Future Aspects- When you consider the amenities in your custom house plan, you’re essentially determining what type of family you want to be. Include features that will be useful to your future self.


  • Showcase the property and make the most of it- Those looking for a custom house plan frequently already own the land on which the house will be build. If you already know where you want your custom house to be build, take into account the lot’s terrain, size, and greatest characteristics.


  • Make a list of features to prioritize- Begin prioritizing features for your new home once you’ve written down your thoughts in rough form. If you allow your imagination to run wild, custom house design can easily go over budget. Therefore, look for ideas of residential architecture homes, which fulfill your needs and your pocket.

AKJ Contractors: Architects and Designers for Residential Architecture Design


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