The structure and environment of the store play an important role because customers will be affected in making purchasing decisions.

Design is a way of living & something that is not only for professionals.

So, here we have curated some of the top showroom interior design ideas that will help in achieving the most efficient designs.

5 Amazing Showroom Interior Design Ideas


showroom interior design ideas

We AKJ Contractor, being the top interior designing company in Patna believe that every kind of showroom needs an idea whether it is a clothing showroom design ideas or any other.

So, here are some tips and tricks….

Open Concept Showroom

In the interior design of the exhibition hall, the concept of “open” is used today.

The open-concept showroom looks more spacious and easier to navigate.

You can achieve this by using a mirror. Place the mirror at an appropriate angle to correctly reflect the environment of the exhibition hall.

Another way to design a showroom with an open concept is to use the right display.

Bulky shelves are strictly prohibited. Instead, choose a unique display style, such as layered or layered tapestries, to optimize the space.

In short, the ideal showroom should be open and attractive to customers.


Lighting plays an important role in the exhibition hall. How you create accents and highlights will determine the overall visual appeal.

Choose a unique pattern that reflects light. You can also create a focal point (spotlight) for the product you want to emphasize.

This will help draw the customer’s attention to the most important things.

Balance the bright tones and lighter tones to create a unified look.

Proper lighting is one of the key showroom interior design techniques you should know.

Vibrant Display Areas

According to the floor plan, the walls create an unusual and attractive display area in the elegant store.

The simple boat-shaped shelf is perfect for displaying accessories, increasing visibility and increasing the chance of increasing sales.

In addition, the shelves are just outside the locker room, and they will encourage most customers to give it a try.

Metallic Accents

Accents act as one of the best ways to grab the attention of customers.

Moreover, by using unique display, lighting, and other fabrics you can create an accent look.

However, opting for light and highlighted colors can also be the best idea.

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Furniture Showroom Interior Design Concepts


furniture showroom interior design concepts

  • Display products with popular interior decoration functions.
  • When you move it to the showroom floor, update the graphic panel to fit your inventory.
  • Easily store the panel for reuse. Use a multifunctional reconfigured frame.
  • Modify your design.
  • Highlight the brand through a sponsored gallery.
  • Create dynamic focus with immersive sight.

Cloth Showroom Interior Design

You can go for some wooden and metal glass showrooms for apparel.

Either if you are looking for cheap & low-budget showroom styles for your small showroom design ideas, then you need to go for some refurbished furniture or try to mix the old things with some new ones.

The aesthetic design will also give a vibrant look.

Here, see some of the images of the best Showrooms.

Garments Showroom Interior Design Photos Catalog


Cloth Showroom Interior Design

Garments Showroom Interior Design Photos Catalog

small clothing store interior design pictures

Small Showroom Design Ideas

  • Paint the wall with some bold color to make it appear larger.
  • Some beautiful windows can really make space and make the small space larger.
  • Hang some shelving that will make your shop a little more spacious and beautiful.
  • Make some bookcases & product cases to adjust the things.
  • Lighting is one of the most important things in interior designing, so chose the lightings according to space.

Small Shop Interior Design Photos


small shop interior design photos


Small Showroom Design Ideas

Car & Bike Showroom Interior Design


bike showroom interior design

The car showroom should be located in a conspicuous location with easy access to major traffic routes and a striking appearance.

Of course, the scope of your car is the most important, and the layout and direction of the site and display area will have a huge impact on sales.

These considerations will affect the environmental control strategy because not all buildings can be oriented to reduce solar gain, and to a large extent, the main facade usually does not consider the use of solar control colored glass.

The current trend is a double-height display area with full-height glass on the main facade.

This constitutes a design statement and provides high visibility for the new car.

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